1/30/2010-Thank you for making everything a success You the Bomb!!...
                                      Andre and Katrenia Mayo
  1/30/2010-"Kim you are truly talented and I'm happy to see that youa re        putting your talent to work. The pictures are beautiful,keep doing what you do."
                                    Sonia Reid-Reeves
 12/27/2009- so proud of you! so  happy for you! keep up the creative work

02/27/2010-Just wanted to tell you that I really , really love the baskets.  Your Fantastic
                                Kaprena Williams Robinson                 
02/27/200-Ms.Williams, I would like to thank you. The decorations were beautiful!!!! It was everything I pitured! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Michelle Cameron R LOL!!! That is great Kim. I'm telling you, you are soooo blessed and have a prospering business in the midst of a so called "Recession" and thats a lot to be thankful for. I know that you probaby can't make it every Sunday and God does understand that, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS let him know how thankful you are even when you can't make it to worship..I'm so proud of you!!!!! Continue to walk in your blessing!!! Tahra Sealy
I can't wait to see the All pics Sis... U r amazing...

This looked like an awesome and successful event. I am really proud of you and your sisters in keeping it in the family. Much love and success to all of you!!!!!! Continue to keep God first in your life!!!

Tahra Sealy
your work and contribution to the community is outstanding keep up the great

 Sonya Davis
kim you were looking good out there.....work....